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The BEST alternative to

shihpoo puppies are FuzzyWuzzy Pups they are a mix of shih tzu and bichon. They come in many colors and sizes.


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Fuzzy Wuzzy Pups are the BEST Babies

Welcome To Shih Poo Puppies.....

Here at ShihPoo Puppies we would like to introduce you to the wonderful breeds of Fuzzy Wuzzy Pups  and Daisydog Puppies.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Pups are also known as Shichon puppies, zuchon puppies, ragdoll puppies and many other names even teddy bear puppies.

Daisydog puppies are also known as the original teddy bear puppies, or shichonpoo puppies.

Here are 5 Key points why we think  A Fuzzy Wuzzy Puppy  and Diasy Dog Puppy is better then A Shihpoo puppy in our opinion.

1.They are not as barkey as a shih poo puppy

2. They are not nippers or bitters

3. They are very calm loving puppies

4.  They are not prone to some of the Diseases 

5. They are much more LOVING...

To see the babies we have at this time visit our puppy nursery page at www.fuzzywuzzypuppy.com

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Our site offers puppy parents information about shih poo puppies for sale by Breeders and shihpoo designer puppies

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What is a shih poo puppy.?

Shih poo's are what some breeders call designer puppies, They are a mix between shih tzu and toy poodle. When looking for shihpoo puppies the mom should always be the shih tzu and the dad a poodle this is the ONLY safe way to breed shihpoo puppies.


The average Size of Toy Poodle should be under 10 inches in height and its weight should be between 4-8lbs.  The average size of the Miniature Poodle: Height is 10-15 inches, and Weight is 12-18 pounds


The average size for a standard Shih Tzu is 9-16lbs, and their head are much wider then the poodles. You can have a smaller Shih Tzu but just because the Shih Tzu is smaller dose not mean it will give you smaller babies.

Anytime you breed a bigger daddy to a smaller mommy you are risking that moms life. Reputable breeders Will ALWAYS THANK OF THEIR MOMS HEALTH BEFORE A LITTER OF PUPPIES



One Shihpoo puppy breeder in Silver Creek, Mississippi got busted for selling drugs.. if her dogs were kids they would NOT still be with her

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Here is a photo of Another shihtzu mix puppy breeders dog and pet shop owner.. her own vet wrote a letter saying the dogs was starving to death














vet letter Click to enlarge





BEWARE There is a PET SHOP owner name Sherry in Forkland Alabama that is selling shihpoo puppies. Never support Pet Shops even if they have a business License. Please visit www.petshoppuppie.net to find out where pet shops buy their puppies from


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